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Re: [IP] Set Changes and Highs

We do experience the "high" after site change some of the time.  It may be 
that we simply underbolus the next meal.  We try to do a site change before a 
meal so that a large bolus can go through the new set.

We leave the old site in for several hours after the site change.

Do you bolus your basal for the time you are off the pump?  If Gabe is off 
the pump for 20 minutes, he misses .2 basals.  I find that if we are careful 
about bolusing the basal before we disconnect, that this helps.

I guess you are always sure to fill the cannula right after the set change?  
We bolus .5 for a quick set 6mm cannula.

After that, some of it still isn't clear to me why there are highs; we simply 
expect them and check more frequently after site change and continue to 
correct b.g.  My guess is that it is insulin left in the old site and/or 
simply errors in dosing the subseuent meal or a combination of things.  We 
stopped using Elamax and Emla because I thought they may be effecting the 
site change; Gabe only uses ice for about five minutes before changing the 
set (which he does by himself in about 10 minutes flat now).

Apparently, there is no harm done with the few hours of high b.g.  We just 
went to the doctor yesterday and Gabe's HBA1C for the first time since 
starting the pump was 5.8.  That is the same HBA1C he had three months ago as 
well with MDI.  I expected a higher HBA1C due to problems with pump start, 
but it didn't happen.

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