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[IP] Set Changes and Highs

I know that someone else posed this question recently, but I do not have an 
answer....and am having the same problems, so I was wondering if there was 
anyone with some advice about it out there.  After I change sets (have done 
a manual and fixed prime), I typically see my blood sugars shoot up 100 
points or so.  This is concerning and I always think that something is wrong 
with the infusion set and it is not working.  I generally try and bolus a 
unit or so, wait an hour, BS either rises more, or stays about the same.  
Then, finally a couple hours later, there will be a gradual decline.

This just frustrates me because I worry every 3-4 days when I have a set 
change that the new set won't take, etc....and at times, I have thought the 
set was not working, so I removed it and inserted another one, just to be 
safe.  I just want to be able to trust my pump and not have to worry that it 
will not work each time I change a set.

Does this sound familiar to anyone, and if so...is there anything I can do 
to prevent the rise in my BS after a set change?

Thanks for the help,
Dani Davidson

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