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Re: [IP] Hi All!

On 10 May 2002 at 8:58, email @ redacted wrote:

> "My doctor wants me to take a10th of a bolus for snacks. But my pump goes from
> .5 to 1.0, 1.5 and so on. Does any one know how I can change this? I am on the
> D-Tron. "

> I guess i don't really understand your question. Are you not carb counting? At
> which point you would say I am eating a 15 carb snack and bolus for those 15
> carbs - why a percentage of a normal bolus? Are you sure you understood your
> doc? Did me maybe mean use a different ratio for snacks like 1 unit insulin to
> 10 grams of carb versus your normal 1:7?
> Linda & Dax

The question is more about the operation of the D-tron.  It does have an "standard bolus" which works in half-unit measurements.  BUT it also has a "scrolling bolus" which 
does allow selection in tenths of a unit.  So for those snacks, change your bolusing routine.  There is an "extended bolus" available from the menu also.

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