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Re: [IP] insurance and education (was Pump,insurance help(long) )

>I've been using my pump almost a month now, and I have to confess -- I 
>haven't had training. When I discussed going on the pump with my endo, he 
>told me he'd give my name to the Diabetes Care Center at the hospital and 
>they'd call me. They didn't. I got the number and called them, and the 
>trainer and I played phone tag for awhile (she would take several days to 
>call back after I left a message). Then she stopped returning my calls 
>altogether. When I got my pump I read over the materials -- including, of 
>course, the warnings to "under no circumstances" start without training. 
>Well......I'm not that patient. I started on my own (very 
>carefully.....testing every few hours those first few days!) So far it's 
>worked out well and I'm really happy with my control overall. Laura

I believe that each endo's office has their own procedures for starting 
pumps, more than likely based on their past experiences with 
patients.  I've been on my pump for nearly 2 years now, and thinking back, 
I definitely would not have wanted to start on my own.  My bg's those first 
couple weeks were all over the place.  I did not follow the "norm" for 
estimating beginning basal rates (using the formulas) and my basal is 
actually much lower than what was estimated with those formulas.  Without 
having the CDE on call for me, I may have ended up in serious trouble and 
become very discouraged with the pump.  Now, I'm doing great.  My bgs have 
never before, in the 39 years that I have had diabetes, been this 
stable.  Sure, I have occasional lows and highs but at a much less 
frequency than with the NPH and Regular injections I had been taking for 
many years.  And with the pump, those lows and highs are much easier to 
correct.  So, we are all different, and our endos all have different 
ideas.  I know others who have just started on their own and others, like 
myself, who needed constant monitoring and help in the beginning.  YMMV.

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