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Re: RE: [IP] Dare I mention

At 10:15 PM 5/9/2002 email @ redacted wrote:
 >In a message dated 5/9/02 8:41:15 PM, email @ redacted writes:
 ><<  >Strange????? I can drink a 6 pak of budLIGHT before my B,G'S even wanna
 > >I would think that you are safe at one glass of wine!
 >Please be very careful about making blanket recommendations to others based
 >on just your own personal experience. Since we are all very highly unique
 >individuals, what works for one person may work totally differently for
 >somebody else. For some people, even one glass of wine may lower their
 >blood sugars. For other people, it may raise it. Only careful experimenting
 >will determine your own personal tolerance levels.
 >Sam >>
 >I never said or did any recommendation's thank you ,, just said what I seem
 >to be able to do sam,,,,,,,,? :)

It was the sentence that reads: "I would think that you are safe at one 
glass of wine!" that concerned me.

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