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Re: RE: [IP] Dare I mention

In a message dated 5/9/02 8:41:15 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  >Strange????? I can drink a 6 pak of budLIGHT before my B,G'S even wanna 
 >I would think that you are safe at one glass of wine!

Please be very careful about making blanket recommendations to others based 
on just your own personal experience. Since we are all very highly unique 
individuals, what works for one person may work totally differently for 
somebody else. For some people, even one glass of wine may lower their 
blood sugars. For other people, it may raise it. Only careful experimenting 
will determine your own personal tolerance levels.

Sam >>

I never said or did any recommendation's thank you ,, just said what I seem 
to be able to do sam,,,,,,,,? :)
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