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Re: Re: [IP] insurance and education (was Pump,insurance help(long) )

> ok, i'm somewhat confused. I've had my pump about a month now. i met
> with
> the trainer last monday and went over  basic stuff. we meet again
> friday and
> she's going to start with saline IF i can show her i have mastered the
> pump-
> setting basal rates, temp basal, bolus and suspending (easy, i did all
> that
> from the owners manual the first day i got my mm508).

Do a lot of people start the pump with saline?  What exactly is the
purpose?  I'm just curious.  Showing the trainer you can program the
basals, boluses, etc. can be done in the office with the pump
disconnected (and as you said, it's easy!).  The real key once you're
using the pump "in the real world" is whether you've programmed the
proper dosages and your bg's stay in control -- but saline won't tell
you that.

I've been using my pump almost a month now, and I have to confess -- I
haven't had training.  When I discussed going on the pump with my endo,
he told me he'd give my name to the Diabetes Care Center at the hospital
and they'd call me.  They didn't.  I got the number and called them, and
the trainer and I played phone tag for awhile (she would take several
days to call back after I left a message).  Then she stopped returning
my calls altogether.  When I got my pump I read over the materials --
including, of course, the warnings to "under no circumstances" start
without training.  Well......I'm not that patient.  I started on my own
(very carefully.....testing every few hours those first few days!)  So
far it's worked out well and I'm really happy with my control overall.

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