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[IP] Hi All!

I know my questions may sound quite simple to others, but I need some help. 
My doctor wants me to take a10th of a bolus for snacks. But my pump goes from 
.5 to 1.0, 1.5 and so on. Does any one know how I can change this? I am on 
the D-Tron. My second question,  am I the only one who feels so overwhelmed 
with all this stuff with the pump? The basal's, boluses, carbs. (Perhaps this 
is why my doctor increased my antidepressant medication to double what I had 
been on.)  I have been on the pump since March 11 and I thought by now, I 
would have this down pat, but, I am far from it!!! Sometimes, I just don't 
know where to start! (And thank goodness), my last question, I use the 
UltraFlex soft. I removed it the other day and now, I have a nice sized lump 
that has bruised and is quite sore does this sound like it is infected?(P.S.) 
I had to remove the infusion because it was pooling up insulin under my skin. 
 email @ redacted
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