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> > Marisa Eastmon (email @ redacted)
> My daughter, Mellicent, will be two years old in June. She was diagnosed
> with IDDM at 9 months of age, a little over a year ago. We have tried
> type of insulin, and have had so many problems. She has seizures from low
> blood sugar at least once a week, or her bloodsugar is so high that it
> doesn't even read on the meter. She will be put on the insulin pump on May
> 17th. We are very nervous about this because of her age. She is a very
> stubborn child and we are sure we will have problems with her trying to
> pull it out. Any ideas regarding this, diet tips for a picky eater, and
> tips about skin problems would really be appreciated. Also, if there is
> way that I can be of help to anyone, please let me know.


My heart goes out to you with such a burden, but we are here on this list to
support you and your dear one. When I first joined this list I remember
reading how some parents would put the pump in baby socks and pin them to
their toddler's backs to keep them out of reach. Putting the infusion set
high on the buttocks might keep her from pulling it out. She's so young, it
would be hard to explain how the pump is helping her to feel better - she
probably couldn't relate to it. Perhaps explaining that if she pulls it out,
she'll have to have a shot. Small ones do pick up quickly on things - it's
amazing when they've never heard any language before and understand what you
say many times - so young. Blessings to you and Mellicent. (~_^)

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