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RE: [IP] Pump, insurance help (long)

 which is the only pediatric endo
> in Dallas, this is the way it is. I understand them being overly
> cautious, but damn, we have done our homework and are ready for the
> pump. We have options, just don't like them. Lindsey is comfortable
> with the endo she has had for the last 4 yrs.

Nothing magic about "pediatric" endos when dealing with just 
diabetes. Lily (dx'd at 11 , pumping at 11 1/2) has always been with 
and adult endo. She was his youngest pumper for over 3 years. There 
are many issues specific to kids, but I don't think any that you 
won't find info about on the Parents-of-Pumpers list or here for that 

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