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[IP] Re: Mini-med rant---now Quick-sets

In a message dated 5/9/02 10:25:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Sylvia writes:

> <<well, we ended up twisting the new site off.  Now we are 
> talking about poking my 10 year old son AGAIN!!!!  We put in a new site and 
> STILL had trouble getting that blasted ring back on this site.  And NO I 
> was 
> not even squeezing in the slightlest.  We've been using, and loving, these 
> sites since last April when they came out (2001) so we are not new at using 
> them.  But I did just get a new batch from MM.  I will be filing a 
> complaint 
> with the MM company this morning when they open.>>

I just noticed yesterday when changing Claire's site, that our latest box of 
Quick-sets says that they were assembled in Mexico.  Previous to this they 
were completely manufactured in Denmark.  Remember the shortage last year and 
all the rumours (or facts) about the plant having a 8 week holiday?  Anyone 
else having trouble with Quick-sets lately?  And Sylvia, was your trouble set 
one of the new ones?  Claire has not tried to  disconnect her latest set yet.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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