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RE: [IP] Pump, insurance help (long)

>I feel as though we are being blackmailed into this training, if we are
>going to stay with this endo, which is the only pediatric endo in Dallas,
>this is the way it is. I understand them being overly cautious, but damn, 
>have done our homework and are ready for the pump. We have options, just
>don't like them. Lindsey is comfortable with the endo she has had for the
>last 4 yrs.

Mike, That sounds extraordinarily frustrating!  I had a similar situation, 
but not nearly as bad (I think you were talking about much more money than 
mine turned out to be).  I had to "prove" to my endo that I could count 
carbs, which meant that I had to go to a diabetic training class.  About ten 
minutes into the class the poor CDE was saying, "jeez, I think you know more 
about this than me, I don't know what to tell you..." (those classes might 
be great for a newly diagnosed person, but the very idea of teaching me how 
to eat after I've spent the last ten years learning how... and, btw, figured 
out that the ADA party line just doesn't work... ugh).  I ended up having to 
go to three different sessions pre- and post-pump and I thought that my 
insurance covered but then got a bill for $70 per session.  So, I'm very 
annoyed.  I am a born fighter, but I don't even want to fight this one 
because, while the CDE and the nutritionist they made me see were pretty 
much useless (to me anyway), they were very nice so I don't want to run 
around trashing them.

I hope you're able to come to a solution that you don't hate.


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