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Re: [IP] PMSing

  I have also been struggling with this very issue-so
I appriciate the post. The problem with trying to
solve this problem is,you can only try out
"adjustments" 1x a month,and you usually run high
anyway.(in spite of everything)Sooo,though sometimes
there doesn't feel like much of a chance you can ever
get it right,information does help. I have just
figured out(after a year of pumping) the exact time
frame PMS is likely to affect my bgs,it felt like a
major accomplishment.In a 34-36 day cycle,on days
14-21 I experience a major drop in my basals(I don't
know what hormone plays a role in that,does anyone
else have pre PMS drops?)approximently day 24 PMS will
hit with a bang and nothing will work.Usually,I will
go up during the night(on a 12-8 AM basal of 0.4)
about 100 pts,wake up with a stomache-thirst and have
whopping ketones.I tend to get the ketones first-then
have the insulin resistence(on bgs ranging from
140-230),which would never normally happen unless I
was sick.(which take forever to get rid of)The screwy
bgs will come first-before the rest of PMS.(and it is
mostly at night/early morning,but exercise helps keep
the rest of the days bgs down.)Ten days later,(and day
two of menstruation) I'll drop back to the regular
basals.Hang in there-you are not alone!

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