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Re: [IP] PMSing

 >From: "Melany Noltenius" <email @ redacted>
>I am PMSing (All guys stand back and cover your heads).  For the last two
>days I have had to raise my basal rates .2 and .3 - that's .5 in order to
>maintain some level of control.  (On the other hand, I think after nearly
>years of marriage my husband is finally "getting" it as he saw me bolus up
>by 5 units at 10 pm and then when I was _still_ running in the 200s, bolus
>another 5 units at 11, until my bgs _finally_ reduced to 120 by midnight.
>Do any of the girls on this list have the same problem with PMS or am I
>seriously doing _something_ wrong?

Oh no, Melany, you're not doing anything wrong.  I am sooooo there.  My
husband watches me ratchet up my basals and he thinks "watch out".  :-)
However, I do find that exercise for me, helps.  YMMV.  Feel comforted, many
of us female pumpers struggle with this.  Margaret
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