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Re: [IP] Getting started with THEM!! (was Pump, insurance help (long))

No matter how poor a person's pump training was percieved to be, at least they had that opportunity.  Let me share a story with you.  I work in a busy ED.  Recently, I took care of a gentleman, who "Read the Book" and didn't have time for the formal training and saline trials.
He showed up in the ED almost dead.  There is a reason the Pump Companies and the Endos require Pump Training.  Almost everyone would tell you starting Pumping is like starting Daibetes all over again.
You have 3 options if your insurance is not preapproving the training.
1. Start complaining.  Write letters to your insurer and cc the State Board of Insurance. Follow frequently.  They will either see that they are wrong or may just approve it to get rid of you.  
2. Go Ahead with training and then appeal the denial.  Follow what I said in #1.
3. Pay out of pocket.  (I would probably do #1 or #2, but then I'm cheap)

Good luck,

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