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Re: [IP] insurance and education (was Pump, insurance help (long) )

I just attended the TCOYD Convention here in Seattle last saturday.  We were 
able to talk with a lawyer who is also diabetic (not on a pump)  This was a 
question that I personally brought up to him, about not having access to CDEs 
here and our insurance not paying for it.  Well, there are 36 states so far 
that have mandated that insurance has to pay for education for ANY medical 
needs, including diabetes.  Unfortunately our insurance is federal (retired 
military) so they do not fall under the state juridiction, but I'm working on 
it!!!  MEanwhile, there is a good chance that where you live is one of those 
states that has this in their laws now.  Contact your local ADA/JDRF and see 
what you can find out.  Don't bother asking your insurance company because 
they won't tell you !  Also, as Michael has mentioned before each state has 
an insurance person (sorry, can't come up with the name) Oh 
sommissioner.....that you can contact to see what your state has.  Education 
is VERY important, especially for those just diagnosed or getting started on 
pumps.  We have had NO education except from our endo...whom I absolutely 
adore!!!!  But it would be nice to have a second set of eyes and ears.  Now I 
have this list!!

mom to Joshua
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