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Re: [IP] Getting started with THEM!! (was Pump, insurance help (long))

When Josh got started pumping 2.5 years ago our 'training' consisted of 
watching the video, reading the manual, playing around with the pump and then 
the next day an RN cane to our house and was here for about 20 minutes.  She 
was in such a hurry to leave that she left all her training materials here 
and refused to come back and get them.  I still have them!!!!!  That was our 
training.  And I didn't know about this list yet.  That didn't come for 9 
months later.  I have personally 'helped' several people get started on their 
own because their endos kept pushing them away or putting off their training. 
 It can be done.  And the help/advice you get from this list is hands-on 
because we are all dealing with this disease and pumping 24/7.  You can't say 
that about, well, over 90% of the endos/RNs out there!  So ask away and lets 
get you going.  Why waste one more minute of the time with shots.  If you 
have read the PUMPING INSULIN book on how to get started and figuring out the 
starting basal rates then you are half way there!!!!

mom to Joshua
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