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Re: [IP] Mini Med Rant

Hey LEs,

  BOY can I relate about the evils of putting the Quick Set back to gether.   
This morning I changed Josh's site this morning.  I actually had trouble 
disconnecting the tubing from the site but then reconnecting his tubing to 
the new site.....well, we ended up twisting the new site off.  Now we are 
talking about poking my 10 year old son AGAIN!!!!  We put in a new site and 
STILL had trouble getting that blasted ring back on this site.  And NO I was 
not even squeezing in the slightlest.  We've been using, and loving, these 
sites since last April when they came out (2001) so we are not new at using 
them.  But I did just get a new batch from MM.  I will be filing a complaint 
with the MM company this morning when they open.

Now, just so you know, Josh is using a Dis H-Tron+ pump but we switched over 
to the MM sets after 9 months of pumping (2+ yrs now)  I would love to be 
able to use the Ultraflex but Dis refuses to acknowledge that some people 
actually need the 6mm canula.  The shortest their sites come is 8mm.  They 
get pushed right out of Josh.  Plus we really like the convenience and ease 
of having an insertion device.

As for getting your insurance company to pay for the Dis sets, sometimes it 
may just be a matter of getting the nother company (Dis) signed up with the 
insurance company.  The first step in doing this is getting the rep and endo 
together.  The rep will make the endo familiar with their products and then 
pass that info on to the insurance company.  Also, in this instance, if you 
contact your insurance company and let them know that they are paying for 
sites that are not functioning properly with you and that this problem is 
increasing THEIR costs.  It may take some effort on our part but it is worth 
it in the end.  This is how I had to do it with Josh and we are on Tricare 
which is a govt/military insurance company.  We have been VERY fortunate!

  As for what the companies say is how you should be doing the 
sites/tubing/cartridges.  Just be polite, shake your head and smile nicely.  
Then go home and live in the reality of diabetes....something that the powers 
to be at most of these companies do NOT do.  And besides, if you are changing 
tubing, cartridges and everything else every two days gues who is going to 
profit?????  We change Josh's sites sun/wed, change his tubing when I change 
the cartridge whcih is about 8-9 days.  And guess what, he doesn't get 
infecions, we have LOTS of extra tubings here ready to be sent off .  Do what 
is right for YOU!!!  These guys don't have a clue and so their reality is now 
your reality.  They HAVE to say the things they do but you do NOT have to 
follow what they say.

Hope this helps.  There is a way for you to use one pump and another sets.  
It takes some calls and work!  Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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