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[IP] Choice of sets...

On 5/9/02 4:05 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> My name is Les.  Having been on a 508 for about 3 months, I am ready to rant
> and vent.  Before going on the 508 I was injecting between 4 and 6 times a ?
Wellll I 
> don't know anyone else using these abominable items of torture but boy do I
> have my problems.  Upon rising in the morning and getting the site to release
> (I have large hands with thick fingers) I become a contortionist lining up
> the triangle, the square.  Finally getting the tubing section off I am off
> (I've been called worse) to the shower.  After doing my daily sanitary thing
> I now have to put this contraption of evil back on.  Here is the problem.  It
> finally slips and twists into place and I have my morning oat meal, the same
> every morning, real boring but I am a diabetic (everyone applaud as I think I
> know what it is to be in a twelve step program living one infusion set at a
> time).  About one and a half hours later my BG is headed for outer space.
> Numbers like 270 after taking Oat Meal and sugar free maple sugar?  The darn
> site twisted and closed up upon reconnecting.  No occlusion alarm ever when
> this happens.  Now I have to get a new reservoir, a new Quick Set and start
> over from scratch and be patient until my numbers come down.  With the new
> set in, my numbers drop to the low fifties.  I don't want to be on this
> roller coaster.
> How do I go about getting Disetronic Ultraflex sets when my insurance has a
> contract with Mini Med.  Mini Med also does not sell just the site needles so
> we won't have to change the tubing after 2 to 3 days when we have a perfectly
> good reservoir and tubing that easily go for 6 days.  I was given some kind
> of story by MM that the FDA regulates our use of set time.  Smacks of big
> brother to me.  Also MM came out with their new Paradigm that only holds two
> days worth of insulin for a lot of IPers.  The Paradigm also only uses its
> own reservoir and infusion sets which are not interchangeable with any other
> sets.
> What do we have to do?  Start a movement?  Don't we have the right of what to
> use in our bodies?  All I want is for the Manufacturers and insurance
> companies to get their acts together and if they want to give us choices and
> help us, then help us!
> Thanks for letting me vent and if this letter is not posted I know who and
> what are running this list.
> Les H
> wild in New York

I *DID* snip this post <G> Honest, I did!

If ever a set issue comes up and the insurance won't play ball, it may mean
an appeal. You may want to have your doc plead "Impaired Dexterity" or
something along this line and submit a request to the insurance. *I* have
eye trouble from premature birth and have used the MM QS, for a lark and was
actually able to 'braille' it nicely after a couple of tries.

It is frustrating when the insurance thinks they know what is best for you,
but I equate that to the faceless folks who send me pre-approved loans for
buying a car ~(Blind, remember?)~ They haven't a clue. So, the doc and your
rep can maybe be a advocacy team for your quest?

I'm fortunate that the 'only' sets that bother me are the metal needles. The
old Sot Sets with the risen 'button' on them, and that gawdawful "TAIL" (!!)
weren't my idea of paradise, but Heck, when I didn't have insurance at all,
I got donated things from the reps and CDEs around here -BLESS THEM ALL!-
and took these gladly as well.

My fella has huge bear claw hands too and I let him play with some sets
(Tenders/Sils, Quik sets and Ultraflexes, and an old sof-set.) after reading
your letter here, and *he* liked the Tenders/Sils for their disconnect
feature the best of all as it is larger than the Ultraflex even. He had
major trouble with the QuikSets, and Ultraflexes for the tininess of the
connection (UF) and the 'twisty-thingy' on the Quik Sets. Even though he
isn't diabetic, he's hung around for eight years so he's cool and tries the
gadgets with me.

OTOH, Oatmeal does a number on me as well. When I wore the CGMS from MM, I
got the "BIG spike" after oatmeal at the OCC cafeteria. It really isn't as
'slow' as I'd hoped. I spiked to 320 from a 120 in less than 1/2 hour and it
took forever to get back down to a dull roar! Now, I know to bolus the
humalog and wait a good half hour before eating that! Bummer, man....I may
as well have had 2 Brooklyn egg creams for all that trouble *S* (Chocolate!)

OT Alert...I moved my website to Tripod and the www.wyldcelt.com URL will
take folks to the new site now. See my dogs and mug!

Jenny Sutherland
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