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RE: [IP] PMSing

Oh, my goodness!  You must be living in my body!  I am having a hysterectomy the 20th for various reasons---endometriosis for 20 years to start.  However, the final straw was the fact that when I started pumping I raised my basals from .7 to 1.5 to deal with PMS week and ovulating time.  Then when the hormones had "let up" I was bottoming out like crazy til I got the basals readjusted.  The rise in bgs is evidence enough for me that PMS is not "in your head", but a very physiological thing.  I am having a total hysterectomy at 35 because I would bolus 10 units (and still be above 200) and wake up at 350-400.  I felt bad from the PMS but more from the rotten bgs.  I cannot get my bgs down all day when I start out that way.  Spend a week a month like that and your A1Cs are ruined.  No insurance co. will approve a hysterectomy for bg control... I was just "lucky" enough to have been through surgery and every drug available for endo. and nothing worked...I am counting the days til my ovaries are gone...I am sure that is a bizarre statement, but I really can't wait to get some stability.  Hope this helps...knowing others are dealing with it might help.
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