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Re: [IP] Carb Counting VS Food Exchanges

At 08:59 PM 5/8/02 -0600, you wrote:
 >I have read somewhere that 1 food exchange (Old School Diabetes
 >Education) equals 15carbs. Therefore 1-Fruit/Veg exchange = 15carbs and
 >1-Starch = 15carbs and so on.
 >I use to be on the system of counting my servings and food exchanges,
 >but was switched over to carb counting by my Diabetes Educator and Endo.
 >Does anyone have more info about this?
 >P.S. I do find carb counting MUCH EASIER! However I don't think I eat as
 >healthy because I'm not monitoring TYPES of foods anymore, just # of

What I remember is this, although it could be quite far from the truth as I 
haven't used exchanges for a while.

1 starch exchange = 15 grams carb
1 fruit exchange = 10 grams carb
1 milk exchange = 12 grams carb
1 3% vegetable exchange = 3 grams carb
1 6% vegetable exchange = 6 grams carb

Protein and fat exchanges did not have any carbs but varying proportions of 
protein to fat based on whether they were low, medium, or high fat.  Fat 
was a scarce commodity in the ADA meal plan.

A commonly recommended reference was Bowes and Church, Food Values of 
Portions Commonly Used, which I think is still in print and probably useful 
for carb counting as well as exchanges.

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