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RE: [IP] Please Donate and here is why ...

Hi Fran-
You probably don't remember me.  I had the pleasure of introducing the 
Animas pump to you in your home one night a long time ago with Alison.  Your 
letter was great.  It has all the life and spunk that you have always had.  
I'm sorry to hear of what has happened, but thrilled that you're still with 
us.  Yes I have contributed, and I'll do so in your name again.  Health and 
Happiness always,  Lynn Senecal  (Western Regional Manager of Clinical 
Services for Animas)

===== Original Message from Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted> at 
5/08/02 5:22 pm
>Hi Everyone,
>Some of you may remember me and others not.  I have been a member of
>Insulin Pumpers for about 3 1/2 years.  I was a volunteer for about a
>year.  I have been away for seven months as a volunteer and member due to
>an accident I was in.  I am not looking for pity or sympathy.  The message
>I really want to convey is how wonderful this list is and how important it
>is that we as members help keep it going.  I have not been able to do a lot
>of things because I am either sleeping, in pain or in the hospital.  One of
>my many injuries was a burn ass, need I say more.
>This list is so wonderful in so many ways.  Three years ago I called my
>Endo because I was having problems with my pump.  At the same time I wrote
>an email to this list and immediately received an answer to my problem.  I
>am still waiting for my Endo to call back.  I will never forget when an
>individual on the list was having some serious depression issues, and the
>Admin Team jumped right in trying to get her number and find someone in her
>area to help.  In the last seven months I have had nine surgeries and five
>hospital stays.  I still have at ast two surgeries at minimum to fix
>me.  In these seven months I have learned who my "real" friends are.  And
>guess what?  Most of them are from this list.  The support I have received
>from people I have met on this list has been truly amazing and
>special.  One person I met on this list flew out from Indy to cook me real
>food and deliver it to me in the hospital.  That was just last week.  I
>have had the pleasure of meeting several people from the list in person,
>which has been awesome.  The friends I have made here are the best friends
>anyone could ask for and I am so grateful to have them in my life.  The
>love, support, cards, calls, krispy kreams, balloons, etc. I have received
>from my friends I made on this list have been a huge help in helping me
>keep on fighting to get better and save my legs.  These people have opened
>their homes and hearts to me in ways that cannot be expressed in words.
>Without Michael, the volunteers, and the donations I would not have these
>beautiful people in my life.  I would much prefer to sacrifice on food then
>the friends I have made on this list.  My point being that PLEASE make
>contributing to this list a priority.  I would imagine it is safe to say
>that most of us must pay for our ISP, why not add 5, 10, bucks to that
>monthly cost and give to the list.  If mom and dad say "what do you want
>for your birthday or a holiday?"  A gift worth GOLD would be the benefits
>from this list.  So tell them to donate in your name.  I would rather not
>receive a material gift and get the gift of friendship and knowledge that
>is at your finger tips on this list.
>The last seven months have really taught me that life is precious and way
>too short.  I am lucky to have survived the accident I was in and then last
>week after surgery my nurse found me in my room bleeding to death.  I was
>at Peace for I knew I went with love of my family and friends.  Most of
>those friends being from friendships I have made on this list.
>Please GIVE, for yourself, so you too may be blessed with the friendships,
>support, and knowledge that is on this list.
>OK, I'll shut up now.  :-)
>Fran aka Ms. Kitty aka Ms Biker Babe now Ms. Ex Biker Babe :-)

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