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Re: [IP] RE: infusion set samples/Dana Pump

 >My  understanding is that they use a reverse thread on the luer lock for
the Dana.
> > I hadn't heard this before . . . Can any Dana folks out there in IP land
> confirm this? >>

This is true.  I must admit at first it was rather odd screwing and
unscrewing the cap in the opposite direction but we quickly got used to it
and now don't think twice about it.
We have a loaner Dana pump now and their infusion sets are proprietary for
the Dana pump only which I guess could be be somewhat inconvenient.
However, on the upside, we are finding that the Dana pump supplies are
25 -50% less than the other pump manufacturers.

My daughter (who has worn a Disetronic H-Tron for the past 4 years) has
absolutely fallen in love with this pump.  This new pump is teeny tiny and
extremely light weight!  If  I had to choose a pump now for myself (after
looking at all of them) I think I would choose the Dana also.  We plan to
actually use it on a trial basis before buying so then we will know the real
story.  Shelly Holland and Amy Hauff (Hauss?) have been wonderful to work
with so far.  Hopefully, they will continue having prompt service such as we
have received.

 As I told both of them, I think they have a "real winner on their hands"
with this pump.  It is easy to operate, has quite a few features, but best
of all for a self conscious 12 year old girl the size and weight of this
pump is exactly what she was hoping for in her next pump.   It also appears
to be smaller and lighter than the Paradigm we looked at but thie Dana holds
300 units of insulin which is critical for Laura who uses 60+ units a day.

I will let you all know know how it goes with the pump (including service)
as I think we are planning to go ahead with this pump as soon as everything
falls into place.

This pump has a lot of neat features the others don't have and it also is
missing a couple of features I would like to see on it BUT as I said earlier
my daughter's main concern is size, size, size!  Interestingly enough my
husband and son each respectfully like the Animas and the D-Tron as size is
not an issue with them.  (maybe they think of them as a "man size" pump -
who know!)  Five years ago when we were searching for pumps we only had TWO
choices the H-Tron and the Minimed 507.  I am so thankful that today we have
so many more pumps to choose from.  After having played with ALL of the
pumps I can only say please get your hands on each pump and play with them
until you find the one that best meets your needs!

I know this new pump pretty well now so if anyone has any questions I will
be glad to answer them the best of my ability!

Sherri Lynn (mom to Laura age 12, pumping 4+ years)
Bartlesville, OK
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