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Re: [IP] Emotional aspects of Diabetes

This is in reply to both Sue and Jennifer.

Sue wrote:
>When you take antidepressants, it's sort of like you are
>telling yourself "ok now it's not even ok to be depressed about having this
>disease and having to do all this stuff in order to stay alive"...

and Jennifer wrote:
>I  agree with you about the antidepressants.  I think that you take them
and >expect that they are "happy" pills when they are not.  Then you are
>depressed because the "happy" pills don't make you happy.

I need to tell you both that you appear not to understand the real nature of
severe depression. Of course no one likes having to do fingersticks and take
insulin to stay alive, but when you suffer from depression, you also need
ANTIDEPRESSANTS to stay alive. I'm not talking "happy pills" here.

The fact is that if you do not have biochemical depression, then
antidepressants will do nothing for you except possibly give you side
effects. When you suffer from depression, and can think of NOTHING except
killing yourself 24/7, and can't stop crying and can't even take care of
yourself other than to go to the toilet and binge on carbs, then
antidepressants do a LOT to help lift you back into the world of the living.

Depression is NOT just feeling blue for a day or two because you have to
take care of your diabetes. Lots of people with chronic illnesses feel that
way, and most cope without too much of a problem. On the other hand, some
people go through SEVERE depressive crises, and there is absolutely NO

I have to be honest and tell you that I feel minimized and degraded because
I have a LIFE-THREATENING disease which, simply because it originates in my
brain instead of my pancreas, is stigmatized and dismissed as mere weakness
and lack of willpower.

I'm not going to go into this any further, but you do need to know that I'm
having a hard time holding back the tears.

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