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RE: [IP] Emotional aspects of Diabetes

I  agree with you about the antidepressants.  I think that you take them and expect that they are "happy" pills when they are not.  Then you are depressed because the "happy" pills don't make you happy.  My mother and I went to the beach together this weekend (our first real trip together since pumping) and she finally saw what it takes to pump and try to keep your bgs down(but not too low of course).  I think she has a better"grip" on my situation. It's easy to forget what a diabetic goes through each day if you are not "in the house" with them. My children are aware of my situation(I regret that they are "exposed" to the ups and downs of it.)moreso than most others in my family.  My husband is aware but doesn't really relate.
It is upsetting to do everything you can to control it, and still realize that you really are not in control...
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