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[IP] Animas pump, Bankrupt NOT

>I developed a pro-Disetronic bias after doing some preliminary research on
>the net and talking to the reps.  MM wanted an immediate committment.  I
>don't like the fast/hard sell.  I got the feeling it was all about money.
>want Jeffrey to feel comfortable about the pump he picks, so I've tried to
>remain poker faced.  We've met w/Distronic to try their pump. We're waiting
>to meet w/MM to sample their pump.  We had written off Animus b/c his nurse
>said they were going bankrupt, but I'll suggest to Jeffrey he actually
>sample the Animus pump.   Will send Jeffrey your comments.  Think it'll be
>very helpful, especially knowing to ask about having to program the
>concentration at every prime.
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Don't know who told you Animas was going bankrupt but they are wrong. The
company is doing quite well, I just traded in my minimed for an Animas
pump.I love the Animas pump, it is waterproof and very easy to program. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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