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[IP] samples

Background:  I've been struggling with unexplained high BGs and am currently
focusing on infusion sets; you may have read my previous posts.

I would like to report on my quest for samples of infusion sets from various
pump companies, something I am doing because of encouragement received here.
I'm looking for sets with metal needles instead of plastic cannulas.  I'm on
MM508 and, of course, they are quick to send samples.  Am currently trying
out the Polyfin (bent needle).

I spoke with Disetronic about Rapid sets.  They are phasing out the old
Rapid sets with new ones that have a quick release.  They do not have
samples of the new ones because they are so new and only come in sets (can't
remember the numbers but they're not sample-size quantities).  They're
sending me the old-style Rapids, so I will have to "suffer" through
not-disconnecting but at least I can try the needle out.  The customer rep I
spoke with was great, very helpful.  They must send the samples to my doc
because I don't have a prescription yet (makes sense; they are needles after
all).  She asked how I found out about them; she didn't know about IP so I
gave her the web address and told her IP is good advertising for all the
pump companies.  She was very interested.

I also heard from Dana, whose set apparently only works with Dana sets, but
the customer rep told me the following:

"I can only suggest that maybe you can call distributors like Express Med
and Liberty Medical and ask for infusion set samples.  I used to work at a
DME distributor and we sent free samples all the time.  There are other (or
at least used to be) infusion set manufacturers such as Maersk that can be
used in the different pumps."

I guess the Animas sets only work for Animas pumps; I believe I read this on
their web page.

At any rate, the search is on.  If my problem is infusion sets, I WILL
figure it out.  If it's not the sets, onward and upward.  You'll be hearing
from me.
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