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re:[IP] Nighttime Blood Sugar Levels

I work out in the late afternoon
> before (I work out
> fairly 
> >> high intensity for 60 minutes and lift weights). 
> My basal from 
> >> 10pm-midnight is 1.1...from midnight until 2am is
> 1.5, and then from
> 2am-6am 
> >> is .2 (when working out the day before...if not,
> it goes to .5).  Then,
> at 
> >> 2am, I will take about 4 units to get the level
> (usually around 300) back
> >> down to normal by 6am.  I cannot seem to get my
> 2am number under 300, no 
> >> matter how low or high I set my basal at that
> time and before.  I
> typically 
> >> am not eating anything before bed, and most all
> of my dinner bolus should
> be 
> >> out of my system.  I use Novolog.  Any helpful
> hints, or anyone that has 
> >> dealt with this also?  I would appreciate any
> suggestions/opinions.
> Thanks!
> .........
What time do you go to bed and what is bs then. I
found if i do an hour of exercise early in day I am
going low shortly after bedtime but my sleep is pretty
deep then and I have a hard time waking up. Around 2am
I'm either very high(250)or very low 30-40's. I try to
have a light snack and start .3 basal at 10pm. This
works most of the time. lol peg

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