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re:[IP] Nighttime Blood Sugar Levels

Hi Dani,

So do you feel your lows? Any chance you could be missing a rebound?  That
is what I would suspect for my son (who does not always feel lows yet). Are
you going up gradually through the night? Are corrections behaving normally?
I'd add several extra tests between dinner and bedtime to try to catch a
low, and then also every hour or so throughout the night to see the rise
rate. Of course my son's fingers look like pin-cushions sometimes!

Good luck,
Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since 8/17/00)
and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)

>> Just a quick question....I have been pumping for almost a month and a
>> now, and everything works great and blood sugars are good, except for my 
>> nighttime levels.  I have a reverse dawn phenomenon effect I believe, 
>> especially when I work out in the late afternoon before (I work out
>> high intensity for 60 minutes and lift weights).  My basal from 
>> 10pm-midnight is 1.1...from midnight until 2am is 1.5, and then from
>> is .2 (when working out the day before...if not, it goes to .5).  Then,
>> 2am, I will take about 4 units to get the level (usually around 300) back

>> down to normal by 6am.  I cannot seem to get my 2am number under 300, no 
>> matter how low or high I set my basal at that time and before.  I
>> am not eating anything before bed, and most all of my dinner bolus should
>> out of my system.  I use Novolog.  Any helpful hints, or anyone that has 
>> dealt with this also?  I would appreciate any suggestions/opinions.
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