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[IP] RE: finding the right pump

Excuse me, but where did the CDE get this information?
Did you follow up with a question about where this information came from? Was 
it seen in print, from a reputable source?
This is totally untrue!
This is another case of someone not checking out a rumor, or was it a comment 
from a competitor?

Please, ask the company, no matter who they are, if a rumor is true or not. 
Ask the person giving this information to tell the source or reference, so 
you can check it out for yourself.

(Who abhors an untruth, no matter where it comes from.)

 >We had written off Animas b/c his nurse said they were going bankrupt, but 
I'll suggest to Jeffrey he actually sample the Animus pump.   Will send 
Jeffrey your comments.  Think it'll be very helpful, especially knowing to 
ask about having to program the>concentration at every prime.<
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