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Re: [IP] insulin pump and weight gain

>>> I have been reading all the infor I can but would like to have some
input from everyone about weight gain or  loss once on the pump. >>>

The IPers who've been around awhile have heard my story, but I'll retell it
for you. I had severe neuropathy of my feet and legs and thought I was
surely headed for amputation. That was 19 years ago. My endo wanted to start
a core group on pumps, me being one of them. Two young men gained 35# and I
was leary of that. Then I figured it'd be easier to buy bigger clothes than
to not need shoes. I lost 20# on the pump that first year. We did not carb
count in '83 (came about in '94), we did not have Humalog (I started
12/98) - we used the exchange system and the pump delivered our shots by
infusion - more or less, but under our control, and we did not do basal
fasting, and A1c's were not available yet. Technology has greatly improved
from those early years.

I still have both feet and take only 100mg B6 for the neuropathy now (did
take 4 Dilantin and 300mg B6). I did, however, regain the weight over time,
but I'm going to be 63 in a couple of weeks so maybe it's the reverse of
baby fat (old age settling?).  YMMV (~_^)

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