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Re: Re: [IP] insulin pump and weight gain

"A diabetic on the pump who gains weight gains it for the same reason as a "normal" person...they are eating too much and the insulin is taking that sugar to their cells but the cells are not using it so the body stores it as fat.  If you eat right, like everyone should, you should not gain weight on the pump.  I have actually found it easier to lose and control my weight on the pump.

**the above comments are not universally true. The whole issue of insulin resistence and those of us who need to use higher amounts of insulin to keep our BG's in check CAN (but not necessarily) contribute to making it more difficult to lose weight on the pump. Again this is a VERY individual issue - the above poster has obviously had success - but that doesn't happen for everyone. It is true you should still be eating correctly and if you aren't treating lows and chasing highs that helps. But weight loss isn't guarenteed.

Linda & Dax
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