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Re: [IP] insulin pump and weight gain

When I first went on the pump I let my diet slack since I had heard that 
pumpers can "eat whatever they want" instead of the old "diabetics can't have 
sugar" thing.  I started eating lots of sweets.  I did my carb counts and 
bolused insulin for this extra sugar.  THAT leads to weight gain.  A diabetic 
on the pump who gains weight gains it for the same reason as a "normal" 
person...they are eating too much and the insulin is taking that sugar to their 
cells but the cells are not using it so the body stores it as fat.  If you eat 
right, like everyone should, you should not gain weight on the pump.  I have 
actually found it easier to lose and control my weight on the pump.


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> Subject: [IP] insulin pump and weight gain
> > I am new to the web site and am going tomorrow to meet with the diabetic
> > educator about an insulin pump.  I have had diabetes for 27 years and have
> > been really pushing for me to go with the pump.  I have been reading all
> the
> > infor I can but would like to have some input from everyone about weight
> gain
> > or  loss once on the pump. Thanks for any
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