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[IP] Fw:Finding right pump

>From: "Im, Hyun" <email @ redacted>
>To: "'email @ redacted'" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: finding right pump
>Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 10:19:39 -0700
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>Hello group,
>I've never subscribed to a list before, so pardon any technical and other
>missteps.  Don't know if I should be responding to the list or some other
>address.  REALLY want to thank everyone and the list director.  It takes
>enormous effort to keep the site up and enormous courgage to talk about
>anything associated w/diabetes.  I'm not diabetic, my husband is.  Sometimes
>I'm overwhelmed just trying to identify the "trivial" things he has to
>track.  I'm very proud of him for simply doing the things he does --testing
>regularly, eating ok (or least laying off the donuts), keeping doctor appts,
>seeing his diab nurse, countless pharmacy trips, the pills, exercise, etc.
>For a few years, we were keeping a diary of each meal, bg level, insulin
>injected etc.  He's stopped keeping the diary, but his hb1 is 6.8 so he's
>doing well.  I see him get very angry w/himself sometimes, especially when
>he has an unexpected high.  I remind him, not enough, he should be very
>proud of himself just for being as responsible as he is (and he's no control
>freak, compulsive health nut).
>Want to tell everyone on the list that I am AWED by the efforts each puts
>in, the range of emotions each has to experience, EVERYDAY.  If I had
>diabetes, I would have quit (which part? - the testing, the carb counting,
>the exercise, the multitude of pills?) a long time ago, and/or turned into
>the world's biggest, miserable, insufferable, surly, whiner.  (as a criminal
>defense attorney, I'm no quitter and no stranger to hard work and going
>against the grain.)
>Thanks so much for your comments.  Jeffrey seems pretty committed to the MM,
>if nothing else, b/c his nurse doesn't train for D-tron or Animus.  She's a
>great nurse, and he wants the peace of mind of going w/what she recommends.
>Being the optimist, Jeffrey doesn't worry about little problems until they
>happen.   I tend to try to anticipate problems (and sometimes end up
>creating  more problems).
>I developed a pro-Disetronic bias after doing some preliminary research on
>the net and talking to the reps.  MM wanted an immediate committment.  I
>don't like the fast/hard sell.  I got the feeling it was all about money.  I
>want Jeffrey to feel comfortable about the pump he picks, so I've tried to
>remain poker faced.  We've met w/Distronic to try their pump. We're waiting
>to meet w/MM to sample their pump.  We had written off Animus b/c his nurse
>said they were going bankrupt, but I'll suggest to Jeffrey he actually
>sample the Animus pump.   Will send Jeffrey your comments.  Think it'll be
>very helpful, especially knowing to ask about having to program the
>concentration at every prime.
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