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Re: [IP] FW: air bubbles in 4" tail of infusion set

OMG!!!  You're only suppossed to prime .5!!  I've been priming 5 full units
after a shower!  OMG!!

Melany, live and learn, die and forget _or_ have an insulin reaction - it's
all about the same . . .(Bad Diabetic, bad diabetic!)

> I often get bubbles in the 4" side of my sof-sets (that's connected to me)
> when I reconnect after showering.  (I know I'm not supposed to get these
> bubbles, but even after doing a .5 prime before reconnecting, they still
> show up.)  I've been told that one inch of tubing equals approximately .5
> units of humalog.  I understand that, but, as the bubble approaches me,
> much should I allow the part of the insertion site (i.e., the cannula,
> that I can't see?  Do you prime an extra .5, like you  do after inserting
> new infusion set?  And, how can I avoid these bubbles (on the 4" side,
> connected to me) altogether?
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