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[IP] Re: Trouble on pump? (IP)

On 5/6/02 4:51 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Are there any on this list who are unable to get the pump to work the way
 >they expected it to?
 >Do you ever think you should be able to "do diabetes" better?
 >Any think the emotional aspects of living with diabetes are down-played
(or ignored)?
It depends entirely on what the person 'Expected". Did they expect to have
the dream 'Closed Loop' system? Were they made aware this is merely a tool
to deliver insulin in a more natural manner and not take over their diabetes
totally? Misunderstanding is where the trouble starts IMHO.

*I* have found the trouble begins when I neglect my testing and then get
stressed too much over 'imperfect' results when I do. Bolusing willy-nilly
when sitting down to eat and so forth.

When I check frequently and act accordingly, I find the BGs are not always
'perfect', and if I 'chuck it all' for a while like when my dad passed on,
my HbA1c's did get up there to 9.2% This is from MY behaviour and not simply
the 'Diabeasties' acting up, not the pump's fault, or the doctor's, my
actions alone were the cause.

The main problem *I* have had is wanting to take a break from the blood
checks and all. Once I take it in hand and realize this is not an option,
the diabetes will behave moderately well. I am on other meds, like
Synthroid, Lipitor and Cozaar, but I find when I keep on top of the
diabetes, they make little difference to my control. So, YES, *I* think *I*
can 'do diabetes' better than I do sometimes.

BUT...I do not go the recrimination route. If I have done all I could and
still get an unexplained high, I log it in and move on. Re-testing in a few
minutes just to be sure it wasn't meter error. Beating one's self up over it
doesn't do anyone any good at all.

A lot of extra effort, but my micro albumin has greatly decreased and am now
in the normal range of 12-14 (From 36-34) in my 24 hr U/A. BUN, creatanine
are in the middle of normal and my eye doc sees no diabetic related
degeneration of the retina....

YES. I _do_ think the professionals downplay and even ignore, in many cases
the emotional roller coaster we 'betics live with. Diabetes has cost many
folks their jobs, partners and even parents can have an underlying
resentment to the diabetes in their child which has caused their insurance
premiums to rise, added stress to the whole family and such. Diabetes, be it
on a pump, MDI or orals is 24/7 and we -having to live with it constantly-
can get stressed, depressed and angry. The physician/Nurse or whoever may
find it simply 'easier' to call us 'Non-compliant' instead of addressing
issues of mental health in relation to chronic illness and the threat of our
futures physiologically and the psychologically. This is a disservice to
both Us and Themselves, so many times I must 'consider the source' regarding
the individual and move onward.

The pump is extra work to some, but eating to 'feed one's insulin' and
chasing BG levels all day with 6-8 shots and two insulin pens was far worse.

Jenny Sutherland
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