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re: [IP] teaching others to care for a young diabetic child

Hi Jonelle,

I think it is great you are giving Zach a "normal" life. I try to do the
same for my son Ryan. I had to teach Ryan's daycare how to test and give
boluses. He was three at the time, so he could not feel lows (he still can't
most of the time - he is five now).

I send a caresheet to daycare with Ryan. It is basically a table that tells
them what to do for different BG ranges. It has instructions on how to
deliver a bolus. I label all of his snacks and his lunch with carb counts.
They test him before he eats and then bolus him after he eats. 

So for Zachary, even if he doesn't plan on eating I would have the camp test
him at least mid way through. If your son is anything like mine, he will
drop like a rock when he starts running around.  We've found that Jelly
Beans are perfect for treating lows. For Ryan, 1 gram of carbs raises his BG
10 points. So it is really easy to tell daycare: if he is at 60 give him 9
jelly beans, at 70 give him 8, etc.  We try to keep Ryan around 140-180 or
so at daycare.

The walkie-talkies sound like a good idea. I know even after 1.5 years of my
daycare dealing with the pump, they still call me several times a week with
questions (I bought a cell phone right after my son was diagnosed just so
daycare could always reach me).

If you want a copy of my sheet let me know. It isn't real fancy, but you may
be able to leverage it. It is an Excel Spreadsheet.

Good luck!!
Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since 8/17/00)
and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)
others to care for a young diabetic child

>> Do any of you have advice for teaching camp employees how to care for a
>> child with diabetes?  We will be going to a family YMCA camp for the
>> time this summer, and Zachary will be with other kids his age (2 - 3 year
>> olds) for the morning.  This is not a camp for kids with diabetes, so I
>> can't assume that the employees will know what to do.
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