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Re: [IP] finding the right pump

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From: "Im, HyunSubject: [IP] finding the right pump
> Has anyone tried both the paradigm and the D-Tron?  We (my husband & I)
> to go w/the paradigm b/c his diab nurse loves it, but he really likes the
> prefilled cartridges D-Tron provides.  Any suggestions/comments?
> Hyun


My hands-on experience is limited to the H-Tron and the MM507, but I have
been looking at the D-Tron very carefully recently. The D-Tron certainly has
many nice features that seem to address the issue of air-pressure
compensation and occlusion detection that to some extent remain a potential
problem with the H-Tron.
However, it does seem to have some major disadvantages. I have gathered the
following from German news groups and from conversations with the Swiss

1. Disetronic cannot control the quality of the cartridges produced by
Lilly. Because of this the Humaalog cartridges cause error 4 alarms. You can
fill your cartridges and avoid this problem, but this more or less
eliminates one of the key advantages of the D-Tron.
2. The D-Tron has an awkward shape and weighs more than any other pump.
3. The adaptors cost a fortune and increase the cost of pumping

I will probably go for a H-Tron again, since I  much prefer NovolLog and
cannot use Humalog and the Paradigm and Animas are not available where I

I would probably go for the Paradigm if I lived in the US, but unfortunately
the Francophone staff at MM's European headquarters are the last people I
would consider dealing with. Having stated this, I must also state that IMO
the Paradigm also seems to be less that a stroke of genius.
I think it is incredibly silly making people carry around a relatively large
and heavy battery which has a short service life. Sure, you can get it
everywhere and it's cheap, but I still find it bizarre. You have to pay for
the space taken up by the large cheap and nasty battery by using a smaller
capacity reservoir. I know the original idea was to produce a U200
concentration insulin (and perhaps make some more profit in the process),
but this hasn't materialized and I think it was an inherently  stupid idea
anyhow.  The final bit of stupidity is having to programme the insulin
concentration every time you prime the pump. This is  potentially dangerous
and quite baffling. Another very ''clever'' thing about the Paradigm is that
they try to lock the customer into their consumables -  you have to use MM
infusion sets with the Paradigm even when you realize that other companies
(not only Disetronic) are going to introduce better infusion sets and
methods of delivery.

The Animas pump is not available where I live, but it looks like the best of
the newer pumps from where I am sitting. It is supposedly less comfortable
to wear, though, and the company has not got the track  record of  MM. in
the US or  Disetronic.

On the whole I think the latest pumps are an enormous disappointment. I hope
that we may expect much more interesting pumps to come from LifeScan via
Inverness Technologies which seems to have some exceptionally bright people
working for them. Although the market for insulin pumps is very small, I
think there is clearly a need for more competition.

f rank
(who never feels compelled to love the companies who receive money in
exchange for the services or products they supply)
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