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Re: [IP] Re: Glucowatch/Insurance Coverage

> > Hi- how much does insurance pay for the watch and/or supplies?>>

> I was just notified by my DME provider, Homelink, that my insurance
carrier approved coverage for a Glucowatch, Glucowatch Analyzer software and
ongoing supplies.
> My employer is self-insured.  Third-party administration is provided by
Benesight.  DME precertification is handled by United Healthcare.
> My endo provided a letter of medical necessity, and I provided a follow up
letter describing how I felt it would help me (in other words, save them
money by staying out of the hospital due to hypoglycemia...).
> Regards,
> Shelly Fast
> dx 1981, pumping since 2/00

It just shows to go you, talk (battle, don't take no for an answer, persist,
etc. etc.) with your insurance company.  Even when you hear that the same
company does or doesn't provide the same coverage for others.  It all
depends on your insurance contract (and your perserverence).  With an former
insurance company, I could not get my MM supplies directly from MM, so my
neighborhood pharmacy (a provider in my HMO) ordered supplies for me.  I'm
sure the insurance company paid more, which breaks my heart knowing that in
the long run that's going to cost me and/or my employer more later on, but,
since they were sticking with their rules, I had to do it their way.  I got
my supplies and that's what I needed.  Bottom line, you have to be
assertive, because it's your health (or your kid's or your spouse's or your
partner's) that's on the line.
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