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Re: [IP] injecting into the infusion site

> On the recent Boston Healthcare Survey, a question was asked about
> injecting insulin through the infusion site.  What does anyone know
> about this? I am on the MiniMed 508 and use the QuickSet infusion
> sets.  When, where and why would this be good thing to do?

My daughter has done it using both Sils and Sof-sets for two 
different reasons.

1) injecting regular insulin to cover basals when she knew she would 
be off the pump for a long time -- like when we go rafting.

2) once for 3 days (3 day weekend) when she manage to kill her pump 
on friday afternoon and the replacement would not come until Tuesday.

On occasion (2), her bg's were fine for the 3 days, she injected 
regular for basal coverage every 4 hours and a bolus dose as needed 
for snacks and food.

She does not like shots :-)

With the Sof-set, it's pretty easy, the pig-tail is easy to inject. 
For Sils, you must be careful when inserting the needle that you do 
not insert too far and penetrate the tubing on the EXIT side  -- 
makes it leak -- guess how we found out :-(

There are some injection "ports" on the market for those who do not 
pump and don't want to stick themselves. They are also available for 
taking other drugs that must be administered sub-cu by injection on a 
repeating basis.

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