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Re: [IP] non PC questions

> Are there any on this list who are unable to get the pump to work the way 
> they expected it to?
> Do you ever think you should be able to "do diabetes" better?
> Any think the emotional aspects of living with diabetes are down-played (or 
> ignored)?

A part of me thinks that I could do diabetes better, but that is just the anal 
retentive perfectionist talking.  In reality, there are so many other variables 
going on, that any type of artificial means of getting insulin will never be 
perfect, or good enough.  Maybe I could test more, eat better, exercise more... 
but I am human and as such will be lazy or hormonal or stressed or whatever.  
So, at the moment since I am having a good day and feeling good about myself, I 
will  say no I cannot do it better.

Yes, yes, yes the emotional aspect is almost always ignored.  Even my family 
members are seeing new sides to my emotions every day.  That is why I'm looking 
for a therapist.  I can't understand why, when I was diagnosed, they told me I 
would still be able to have a normal life like everybody else and nothing would 
change except I'd do shots.  Ha!  I'd like to shoot that doctor.  We face the 
prospect of death and horrible complications every day, not to mention the 
stress of juggling everything and the insurance companies...oh do not get me 
started on that.  People who do not have dm think all we do is eat healthy and 
take medication.  One person I know at work thought all diabetics took pills 
only!  It makes me so mad/sad/frustrated.  

So, that's my ranting for the day.  

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