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Re: [IP] Hemaglobin

> > I have a question concerning my recent blood work.  My hemoglobin
> > levels are at 9.6 and my endo says they should be between 11 and 13.
> >  He has told me to begin taking an iron supplement twice a day.  The
> > name of the supplement is Feasol (???spelling). Will my hemoglobin
> > being low cause any special issues with me being a diabetic.  Is the
> > supplement going to cause my blood sugars to go crazy.  Anyone have
> > any experiences?  :-)
> I'm not a doc or a dietitian, but I wouldn't think iron supplements
> would  not cause any bg problems at all.

Actually, There was a report in the last year, I'll look for the exact
reference latter today (I think I originally read about it in "Diabetes
Interview"), that stated that high levels of iron did indeed effect BG (I
don't remember how i.e. up or down). I asked my Endo about it at which point
he laughed and said the levels involved (50 mg/day ????) were ridiculously

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