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Re: [IP] Hemaglobin

> I have a question concerning my recent blood work.  My hemoglobin
> levels are at 9.6 and my endo says they should be between 11 and 13.
>  He has told me to begin taking an iron supplement twice a day.  The
> name of the supplement is Feasol (???spelling). Will my hemoglobin
> being low cause any special issues with me being a diabetic.  Is the
> supplement going to cause my blood sugars to go crazy.  Anyone have
> any experiences?  :-)

I'm not a doc or a dietitian, but I wouldn't think iron supplements 
would  not cause any bg problems at all. You might have as good or 
better success actually eating high iron foods. Red meat, certain 
leafy veggies, etc... In particular - organ foods like liver, 
kidneys, etc... are very rich in iron. If you like that sort of 
stuff, a weekly meal with liver, bacon and onions would definetly 
help. .... and.... don't donate blood. You are not replacing your red 
cells adequately. You may also want to visit your obgyn. Many times 
ladies have low iron simply because their period is too heavy. Your 
ob may be able to prescribe a birth control hormone that will lighten 
your period and eliminate the problem entirely.

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