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Re: [IP] insurance and pumps

> I'm going to be coming up on a problem in a year or so and I need to
> be prepared.  Our daughter has a pump that will be 4 years old in
> July and will be out of warranty soon..  I have found out that our
> insurance considers a pump a one time benefit.  I called our state
> tax commission and found out that our insurance, Educator's Mutual,
> is self funded and they don't have to go along with any state or
> federal mandates. 

Couple of things. First, your daughter's pump won't drop dead on the 
1st day of the fifth year. Chances are very good that it will run for 
many years. Second, even if it does not, a refurb will cost you 
around $500 buck. Granted, it will come with a short warranty, but it 
too would be expected to have a long life.

Now, re-- the insurance co. They may "consider" a pump a one time 
benefit, but unless it is specifically stated in the contract of 
insurance, your copy, IN WRITING, then a pump is a benefit like any 
other. If the doctor orders it, they are obligated to pay. You may 
have to bitch, moan, argue and generally make a pest of yourself, but 
the contract is what they must live by.


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