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Re: [IP] teaching others to care for a young diabetic child


Please teach them how to check his bgs, then tell then what to do if they
are above "XYZ' (limited snacking) or below "ABC."  Make sure you describe
symptoms of a low bg, and tell more than one individual, so that a few
people can put their heads together to discuss any issue that arises.

However, I would not teach anyone how to administer insulin.

Take Care!


> Do any of you have advice for teaching camp employees how to care for a
> child with diabetes?  We will be going to a family YMCA camp for the first
> time this summer, and Zachary will be with other kids his age (2 - 3 year
> olds) for the morning.  This is not a camp for kids with diabetes, so I
> can't assume that the employees will know what to do.
> Can I/should I teach them how to test his blood sugar?  I can easily give
> them a juice box and some peanut butter crackers each morning, but are
> any great ideas out there on handling this??  Cell phones do not work at
> this location.  He will be with this group from 10 am (right after
> breakfast) until 1 pm (right before lunch) but will not be far away.
> I'll bring along a set of walkie-talkies?
> Needless to say, this is difficult.  I am insisting on our going so that
> Zach has the most "normal" childhood possible.  And I don't want him to be
> the only child with a parent close by at all times.  He will need his
> independence.  But, help!  Any advice would be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Jonelle
> Mom of "Z", dxd at 13 mos.; pumping since he was 2 years-old.
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