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Re: [IP] Re: Bolus without carb counting

>Here in Norway we don't count carbs. We learn how much insulin to take from
>trying and failing.

This is pretty much what I do.  I don't eat any grain at all (so no bread, 
crackers, rice, pasta, cereals, etc), and that leaves the carb sources that 
never seemed to work for carb counting:  veggies mostly.  For me ten grams 
of non-starchy veggies and 10 grams of legumes are just completely 
different, one ratio wouldn't work for them both - and neither the veggies 
or legumes are anywhere near as high as the ratio I'd have to do if I ate 
bread.  It gets more confusing when I make a chili or bean soup, and of 
course there's some veggies and some legumes...  So, it is really just trial 
and error.  Oh, and then there's fruit, whole 'nother story, much higher 

Does anyone else have this problem or does carb counting just flat out work 
for everyone?


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