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Re: [IP] Frustrated!

Hey,  just to update you guys about what happened to Josh on friday 
night....it hit me saturday morning at 1AM while I was sitting at my desk 
trying to stay awake.  I was doing BG checks every 10-15 minutes and twice 
more had to treat major drops.  He went to 32 and could not suck on the straw 
of the juice box....  Well, at 1AM the one word that I didn't register 
finally came back and hit me like a frying pan in the middle of the 
forehead.....SMORES....he had been roasting marshmallows and making 
smores....guess who did NOT wash his hands before checking his BGs at 
10PM??????  You guessed it!!!  Josh gave himself a 7 unit bolus, treating the 
marshmallow powder that was on his fingers.......  Man-oman...I could have 
strangled him right then and there!!!  I am HOPING that he has now learned 
his lesson.  Things ended up fine but I only got 2 hours of sleep that 

mom to Joshua
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