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Re: [IP] Samples

On 5 May 2002 at 12:53, Annie Wall wrote:

> > I would encourage you to do what I'm doing--try every MM product and every
> other pump company's products, until you find the one that works the best
> for you.  I understand that all companies will send you samples.
> >
> > How do you make this happen?  I called Disentronic about sampling an
> infusion set and they said you didn't get your pump from us (I have an
> Animas R1000) and don't have an account with us so we don't send samples?
> Do you pay for the samples?  Do you have to buy a whole box?  I'd like to
> try other types, but don't want to buy 10 of each...  Thanks for any input! >
> Well, that was my plan, based on what I've read here!  I guess I'll find out
> when I call on Monday.  I have also heard here, time and time again, that meter
> companies give away the meter because they make the money on the strips but when
> I called LifeScan about upgrading from FastTake, they were happy to SELL me the
> Ultra.  So, after having given the above advice, I too would like to hear from
> others who were able to get free samples from pump companies other than their
> own (and how they managed that!)  Thanks.

OK, I called the Minimed Supplies dept. and said I was interested in their QuickSet and told how I had heard such good reports about it on Insulin-Pumpers and wanted to 
try them out to see if they were better than what I was using.  They sent me 2 samples.  Just make it clear that you are a possible customer, but that you want to be sure 
that it is as good for you as others report it is for them.   :>)

George   (who wears an H-tron)
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