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Re: [IP] Samples

On 5 May 2002 at 10:31, Ann Banta Clegg wrote:

> I would encourage you to do what I'm
> doing--try every MM product and every other pump company's products, until
> you find the one that works the best for you.  I understand that all
> companies will send you samples.  
> How do you make this happen?  I called Disentronic about sampling an infusion
> set and they said you didn't get your pump from us (I have an Animas R1000) and
> don't have an account with us so we don't send samples?  Do you pay for the
> samples?  Do you have to buy a whole box?  I'd like to try other types, but
> don't want to buy 10 of each...  Thanks for any input!
> ----------------------------------------------------------

If you get that kind of response, ask to speak to a supervisor.  You can't have an account until you buy and nobody buys sight unseen/untried for this type of equipment.  
You DON'T have to own a Disetronic pump to be able to buy/use their infusion sets.  The rep you spoke with just didn't know.  Disetronic can be a little horsey with sending 
the samples out sometimes (they insisted on sending Ultraflex samples to my Endo and I've been getting supplies directly from them for three years).  Try again, and keep 
asking for someone else if they are not cooperative.

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