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[IP] insurance and pumps

I'm going to be coming up on a problem in a year or so and I need to be
prepared.  Our daughter has a pump that will be 4 years old in July and will
be out of warranty soon..  I have found out that our insurance considers a
pump a one time benefit.  I called our state tax commission and found out
that our insurance, Educator's Mutual, is self funded and they don't have to
go along with any state or federal mandates.  (Here's a little
irony...Educators won't pay for diabetes education either.)  We live in Utah
and wonder if anyone else has ever come up against this problem?  The only
durable/medical product that the replace is a heart pace maker.  I don't
know why, I'm sure that a person needing a new pace maker could just have
someone sit by them to constantly thump them on the chest! :-)
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